SAM Pharmacy


Automated Dispensing

provide single formulary across the health system, designed to help nurses and pharmacists efficiently manage medication dispensing and administration.

Drug Database

Herbal database is leading industry resource designed to assist you in your safe medication use efforts and reduce deaths as a result of adverse drug events

Inpatient Pharmacy

Using the Inpatient Pharmacy solution, your pharmacy and clinical personnel can automate their processes, engineered to allow patients to get the right medicine at the right time.

Retail Pharmacy

Keep track of your patients health after discharge. An integrated retail pharmacy within the health system outpatient or retail pharmacy can help monitor patients after they leave your facility.

Medication History

Complete electronic patient medication history data feed, designed to present patient medication history in a matter of seconds. It significantly streamlines provider medication reconciliation processes.

Real Time Prescription

Access information regarding a prescribed medication, view alternative drug therapies for consideration, and clearly see the expected patient out-of-pocket costs for each option, in real-time